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toy that plays with your cat

Finally, a toy that your cat won’t ignore.

Just recently I was subjected to the indignity of becoming a cat owner. Just kidding, it’s actually my housemate’s cat but it may as well be mine as I’m the one who spends the most time with her (the cat) and ...
by Robm

first real hoverboard

Hoverboards – Just in time for 2015

Earlier this year, pro skater Tony Hawk played a joke on the world by releasing a video that showed seemingly ordinary people riding hoverboards 2 feet in the air and performing various stunts. Again, the video was a prank but ...
by Robm

plan v emergency charger

When plan B fails, there’s always Plan V.

Imagine you find yourself lost and stranded in a foreign city. It’s getting dark, you don’t speak the local language very well and you’re desperately searching for your accommodation in the bad part of town. W...
by Robm